Friday, June 4, 2010

Shifting into High Gear: Author Jordan Deen Returns to Talk Writing!

We're "Shifting into High Gear" around here for June in recognition of so many shapeshifter and werewolf novels (and the movie ECLIPSE) launching this summer!

Yesterday you got to learn a little about Jordan Deen's YA paranormal novel The Crescent (released January 2010 with its sequel Half Moon releasing January 2011).

Today Jordan's back to share an excerpt from The Crescent-- Chapter 1! To read Chapter 2 you'll need to join Jordan's site (or log in with Facebook).

And Jordan answered a couple questions related to writing and publication!

Me: Being an adult, how do you stay in touch with the youthful voice you need to maintain in order to write YA?

Jordan: I’m surrounded my fifteen and sixteen-year-old nieces, nephews and adopted kids of my best friend. My five-year-old helps keep me young, but most of the drama and true to life situations I write about either happened to me in high school, or have happened to one of the kids in my life. I draw inspiration from everywhere. I haven’t found the Fountain of Youth yet… but I’m still looking!

Me: You find that Fountain of Youth and you let me know! How do stories start to develop in your mind? Do they spark thanks to a picture, a personal experience, a song or a phrase or something you jotted in a dream journal, or…?

Jordan: I get ideas everywhere. I have a vivid imagination and I have even wilder dreams. I recently penned a short story for a Zombie Press that was a dream I had about my five-year-old son. I have a journal that I write everything down in for later contemplation. Currently there are more than fifty “ideas in waiting”—although not all of them will become novels.

Me: That's great--you're a creative sponge of sorts (the best thing to be, imho). And I know what you mean about the "ideas in waiting"--they're a great source for inspiration regardless of what they do (or don't) grow up to be. Jordan, where is your favorite place to write (or develop ideas) and why?

Jordan: My favorite place to write is in perfect silence, anywhere. I let my mind roam and I focus on my characters until they are living, breathing people running around in my head. If I can’t focus, or I’m having a hard time getting through a scene, (like I did with my sequel ‘Half Moon’) I end up in the bathtub. In the last eight months while working on ‘Half Moon’- I spent almost every night in the bathtub.

Me: It seems water's a great conduit for ideas--I've seen several authors mention the creative power of a shower! What was unique (or at least different from most stories you’ve heard) about your path to publication?

Jordan: I think the one thing that I’ve learned is, even if you go with a publisher instead of self publishing, there will be mistakes and errors will be made. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to get your work out there and authors today have to be innovative, personable and effective marketers to make it in this competitive industry. Even with all that, there is no guarantee.

Excellent thoughts (and very accurate from my experience so far, too)! Jordan, thanks so much for joining us here and helping us start Shifting into High Gear!

You can buy The Crescent online at both Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

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Thanks so much, Jordan!

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