Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shifting into High Gear: Author Judith Graves

Last week you got to spend three days finding out about YA author Jordan Dean and her werewolf series which begins with THE CRESCENT.

Today I'd like to introduce you to an author and Classmate in 2k10 whose Skinned series (also with werewolves--hey, it's #werewolfJune on Twitter!) starts with UNDER MY SKIN. A very sweet person who I had the pleasure of meeting at BEA (drum roll, please...)...

Judith Graves!

Judith was kind enough to answer some questions for me and I'll be splitting her interview up to cover the next couple days.

Let's start with the trailer for Under My Skin:

ME: What was a big change in your life you were scared to make but was a change that wound up way better than you expected?

JUDITH: I started off as a singer/songwriter and that world (music festivals, playing pubs/cafes, etc) was familiar and safe. I knew how to judge the crowd, could tell when they wanted more rocking tunes or if they were in the mood for some softer folky ballads. The last band I was with consisted of five members – when you factor in their spouses, children, and friends – that’s one hell of a built in support system. When I made the difficult decision to put down my guitar and give fiction writing my full attention – it was all just me. There was no one else to shoulder the work/stress or share the excitement/joy of bouncing ideas around. I was on my own.

Or so I thought.

For the first few months I worked in isolation – I didn’t know any other authors in my small town, but then I discovered online critique groups and author yahoo groups. I managed to forge a solid crit group of my own.

I realized there were souls out there who understood my struggles and I’m so thrilled to say that I’ve got my “band” spirit/support back – although my writer buds have yet to sing with me.

There are similarities here to the challenges Eryn, my main character in UMS, faces. In the past, Eryn hunted paranormal creatures with her father’s crew – never on her own. She never made the tough decisions or relied on her own skills. When she first arrives in Redgrave and discovers a stray werewolf wreaking havoc on the town – she decides to take it on herself. She gets a bit cocky. The hunt goes bad. If some local teen hunters hadn’t stepped in, she might have bit the big one. That moment is a turning point for Eryn. She realizes she needs to hone her hunting skills and has to put her trust in a crew that just might want to kill her if they find out she’s not quite human.

Tomorrow I'll bring you more treats from UNDER MY SKIN and Judith's back to answer more questions about her writing!

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Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

too bad you to take part in both the band and write :( Loved Eryn, though I wonder if her personality is more like you in a few more ways..

Khelsea @ One upon a review said...

Wow great interview!
There's so many good books this month, I can't wait!

Judith Graves said...

Hey Mel - maybe someday I'll be able to committ to a band again...I'm hopeful. For now I jam with friends and keep it casual. Eryn is much tougher than I am...and wayyyy braver. I run from bees, remember? ;)

Khelsea - there are so many awesome books / authors in WerewolfJune. I luvs this pack!

Shannon - I so wish my feet hadn't failed me the night of the ghost tour...next year!!