Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shifting into High Gear: Author Kitty Keswick Returns

I'm glad to say the lovely Kitty Keswick is back to share a little more about her debut novel, FREAKSVILLE.

ME: Give me 3 words that describe your current release.

KITTY: Visions. Ghosts. Werewolves. (Gack! It’s hard to sum up your book in three words. I hope I picked the right ones.)

What People Say about Freaksville:

"A modern day Romeo and Juliet with a wicked twist. An action-packed debut!"

~New York Times Best-Selling author Maria V. Snyder of Fire Study, Magic Study, and Poison Study as well as the Glass series.

"Kasey Maxwell will keep readers smiling - and guessing - as she learns to control her gift and moons over her handsome English hottie Josh."

~Joy Preble author of Dreaming Anastasia.


Kitty Keswick has been an Anglophile since age four when she saw Robin Hood and fell head over heels in love. As she grew up on her grandfather’s California vineyard, Kitty’s imagination was her best friend. At a very tender age, she started writing her stories and reading them to the grapes.

Kitty spends her days with Werewolves, Valkyries, Vamps and other creatures that go bump in the night. Check out her website http://www.kittykeswick.com.

Pounce on the book!


alybee said...

I so have to get this one. I feel like I have unfinished business because I have read Under My Skin by Judith Graves, and 13 to Life by Shannon but haven't read Freaksville by Kitty Keswick yet. Must find more time in the day to read.

Heather said...

Loved the trailer for Freaksville! OMG, why do I not have this book yet?! It sounds so good! I'm adding it to my 'to buy' pile.

Kitty Keswick said...

Thanks Heather, Albyee, if you like your werewolves with a side of humor then Freaksville is for you. And thanks shannon, for having me. 'twas fun!

Mundie Moms said...

We so need to read this book!! Loved the trailer.