Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today 13 to Life Hits Shelves Nationwide

I'm trotting away to get ready for tonight's signing and party at the Colgate Bookstore in Hamilton. Twitter's totally freaking out, slapping whales of fail up everywhere and Tweetchat's declaring a "technical problem" and, well, bleh.

But. I. Will. Be. Back. Tonight. (Or I'll at least have a totally kick butt giveaway set to post that werewolf and shapeshifter fans will drool over--or snarl, bite and claw.)

Until then... Here's a prequel story for 13 to Life that was originally going to be sent only to newsletter subscribers for WordsNStuff, but you guys can read it now! So, if you're waiting to get to a bookstore or have your copy of 13 to Life delivered, here's a little something to tide you over. :D

And if you read 13 to Life and loved it, please remember to post your reviews on Amazon.com, Borders and Barnes & Noble as soon as you can. It really does make a difference in so many ways!

Take care!


Lisa said...

I just thought you might be interested to know that around noon I was so excited to get your book I went to borders..and guess what?


Bad for me but..Horray for people wanting your book!!

Anonymous said...

Happy release dayyy !


Ann Aguirre said...

Congratulations!! Today is the magical day. Hope the signing is amazing.

Erika Lynn said...

I went to both my local bookstores today and neither had it. damn living in the middle of nowhere!

Jenny N. said...

Congrats! Hope you'll tell us all about the signing.

Shannon Delany said...

Cool, Lisa! Sorry you were inconvenienced, but I hope the store realizes more folks were interested and reorders fast (they need to reorder fast, considering what I've heard). I wonder where you're local to...

Thank you, Alison! It's a beautiful day for the birth of a book (and a series)! :D

Ann, thank you so much! I seriously need to DM you some great news I got (at least it seems great to this newbie).

Erika--I'm so sorry. Did you tell one to get it in stock fast? If it helps encourage them (like if they're smaller stores) let them know I'll happily ship them signed acid-free bookplates if it helps.

Jenny, I absolutely will! I can honestly say the Colgate Bookstore is one of the most beautiful bookstores I've had the pleasure of setting foot in. And the staff was amazingly friendly and helpful!

Thank you all for cheering 13 to Life on, I hope you love the book!

Lisa said...

Shannon the bookstore I went to was located in Madison Wisconsin :)