Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Very Cool Email about 13 to Life

So yesterday, as 13 to Life was officially released for sale nationwide, I got a Tweet from a fellow Textnovelist who had been kind enough to host me on her website, MuseTracks. Candi mentioned her daughter had submitted a list of 13 reasons Candi should ditch work and take her daughter to buy 13 to Life.

I had to share this with you because this sort of thing makes the day of any author (surely at any stage in the publishing game). Following the list is a brief note Candi added. :D

Reasons you should skip work and take me to the store to buy 13 To Life:

1. You love me.
2. We NEED it.
3. My little brothers said you should.
4. You need a break.
5. Because you're nice.
6. Because I'm an awesome daughter.
7. Because the animals said so!
8. I love you.
9. Because Shannon wants us to!
11. YOU wanna read it!
12. To get away from the boys for a few minutes.
13. Because werewolves ROCK!

Happy, happy day. Seriously, if I hadn't already wanted it, how in the world could I say no to that kind of reasoning?!?

Candi and Candi's darling minor daughter (who I totally could name online--cuz I know how to spell your naaame--but probably shouldn't since I didn't get specific permission from your mom to list it) you both helped make 13 to Life's release day even cooler! (Candi, she's a tough one to argue with. ;-) Thank you SO much, and I hope work gives Candi enough of a break so she gets to take you out soon to get the book! AND I hope (of course) that you both love it!



M. Gray said...

awww. I can't wait to read your book!

Jenny N. said...

Lol you can't argue with those reasons.

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