Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Brief Update: In Which It Becomes Clear "Brief" is Not Part of My Working Vocabulary

Okay, it might appear to some that I've totally slacked off around here. I mean, I left you all hanging for the last bit of the amazing Sarwat Chadda's interview and haven't wrapped up my massive contest officially.

Why, oh why, Shannon, have you been so cruel?

Mainly because I'm hammering out the rest of book 3 in the 13 to Life series as we--erm--speak? Yes, book 2 (Secrets and Shadows, coming Feb. 15, 2011) is back to my editor since I finally I got through the 1st pass pages. Book 3, which is so, so, SO very important is being a bit of a bear right now.

Yes. Ironic isn't it? Writing with wolves and yet their story's behaving like a bear. It's a zoo around here, I guess.

I can't give spoilers, but there's a situation in which Jess finds herself a bit--uh--separate from Pietr for a little bit of time. This not only frustrates the both of them, as an author writing single 1st person POV (Jess's perspective) throughout books 1 & 2 this is at least as frustrating for me (okay, maybe it's most frustrating for Pietr, but he'll have to suck it up--I'm the one who gets to complain about it here).

Because Jess is deep 1st person POV we don't get to see beyond the scope of her limited vision. Is stuff happening elsewhere in Junction while she's--erm--away? Duh. YES. Like stuff still manages to happen in everyone's home towns while we're off on vacation (this is a bit of an irrational pet peeve of mine--I leave, the world should pause so I don't miss anything cool ;-).

And the stuff going on in her absence is BIG stuff. Life-changing. Dramatic.

So what's an author to do?

I like to think this is why Alexi's been hanging out on the sidelines being all... Well, being all Alexi. He's been waiting (relatively patiently) to give his view of things. So I'm writing split POV for book 3. Yes. You heard me. Jess's POV and Alexi's. And wow. They are different well beyond she's a gal and he's a guy. Their perspectives and ways of handling things are much different, too.

So let's briefly jab the elephant in the room (because such things only make sense to rational people when it's 4am and Alexi's been whispering in your head for the past two and a half hours making sleep nigh impossible) and answer the questions I expect I'll get the week following book 3's release:

1.) Why not Pietr's POV?

Pietr's my beautiful boy. I love Pietr. Heck, I think I'm pulling a Jess, failing to find the words to explain just how I love Pietr. He's bright, well-read, thinks with his head nearly as often as with his heart (hmm--emphasis on the nearly). But Pietr's my werewolf. I mean, he's like my ultimate werewolf. And that beautiful brain of his? It's always running. Always contemplating something. The boy has no shut-off valve. Although it's amazing to write from his POV (I've tested it and loved it) hearing what's in his head would almost negate Jess's existence. Because what does Pietr want? To be understood. And what does Jess want? To understand Pietr. And kiss him. A lot. Geez. That's the way cooties get spread, kids. ;-) So, using Pietr's POV with Jess's would give us something like this (I am drastically reducing this down to stuff Pietr would never really think for the sake of example--he's much more complex):

Pietr: Jess is so pretty.

Jess: He's looking at me again. I wonder if he thinks I'm pretty.

See how much we'd all want to slap them if he was brought on as narrator? There'd be a duplication of sorts because Jess is all about watching Pietr, even when she'd rather not (Oops! perhaps I've said too much! i should avoid hints about book 2, too! Darn it! Did it again!).

2.) Why not Max's?

God. How I love Maximilian Rusakova. The boy is trouble, trouble, trouble! But it's exactly because of the type of trouble he attracts (*GIRLS*--I know, I know: What, we're trouble? Go ahead, practice blinking innocently. I'll wait. ;) that Max is utterly useless as a narrator or POV. I mean, seriously. Bullets could be flying and Max would be checking out the measurements of the chick shooting at him. (Okay, maybe not, but you get the gist.) His focus may be accurate and authentic, but it's just plain wrong. For a narrator. In this series. Did I mention how much I adore Max? Okay, good.

And, frankly, Alexi has some experience we'll all find quite useful in book 3 and it's better seen through his eyes. And the boy has a past that's just racing to catch up to him.

Sooo. Pietr: no. Max: no. Alexi: we're in for trouble and some cynical lines that make Pietr sound like a bright-eyed Mary Poppins, but YES!

Yeah. That's book 3. I know, I know. Getting ahead of myself.

Okay. Whew! That's out of my head at least! This week's nationals in Orlando. I'm hitting the parks. Oh. Yes. I. Am. I'm also doing two signings (both related to RWA--the Literacy signing is free and open to the public Wednesday evening from 5:30-7:30pm). And then there's the workshop I'm giving Friday morning at 8:30 (Parade of the Paranormal) and, well, if you know RWA you know there are also parties and get-togethers and... Man. It's so much fun.

Of course... I do have this book to finish... Sigh. The things I do for you people. ;-)

Anyhow--follow my antics on Twitter. You know how to find me there. Oh. You don't? Here. And I'm on Facebook (who isn't?). There's now a profile page and a fan page.

Take care and I'll be sorting through contest entries (you guys are so frikkin' creative--it's awesome!) and getting blogs running again relatively soon after my return.



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