Thursday, July 1, 2010

Updates and Contests

I. Love. Book signings. Yep, it's official. I thought I'd be okay with being a hermit and watching humanity from a distance, but I really love talking to readers and curious bystanders.

You readers are great! You never fail to make my day!

Had a great signing in Oneonta, NY last night and can't wait for our special spoiler chat at the Green Toad in Oneonta later this month. (Wow, it's *this* month already!) At the spoiler chat I'll be talking to readers about all things 13 to Life related and reading from the second book in the series, Secrets and Shadows. Maybe I'll wait until then to release the official Secrets and Shadows book cover (which was just made official yesterday afternoon). Hmm.

Have you started putting together things for the special 11 book contest I'm hosting here?
Time's running out! Internationals can NOW participate (since one very clever fan suggested shipping winnings to a friend in the US to send the prizes abroad). So, international friends--if you have someone in the USA I can ship your 11 books to if you win, please feel free to get into the competition!

And Pietr's on the move! Pietr was kidnapped and held for ransom at the Mundie Moms spoiler-rich readers-only chat, but the 1st ransom's been paid and so Pietr will be soon winging his way to Danielle in New York! If you want to help Pietr get home, donate $13 to the wildlife sanctuary of your choice and send me the receipt at info (at) shannondelany [dot] com. Pietr (the adorable stuffed wolf) will be sent to visit you. Check out this link for more details!

My next event is in Albany, NY at the Crossgates Mall's Borders July 10 at 2pm. I'll be talking werewolves and writing and signing books.

And tomorrow I'll be hosting author Sarwat Chadda (from the UK) here on the blog. Sarwat's writing an amazing series of books starring heroine Billi SanGreal. Devil's Kiss is the first in his series and Dark Goddess is just hitting shelves in the UK! Werewolf fans will love Sarwat's interview, so please pop in!

Happy Canada Day (from a neighbor to your south)!


Jennyzrantz said...

I think you are awesome! I missed your book signing but had a friend have my book signed for me (I was actually at the mall, I was just working :( (Southside mall, Oneonta)
I'm the one you bought the wolf from!! :) :) :)
LOOOOOVVVEEEEE your book so far! Haven't finished it yet but I'm almost there! I think the wolf ransom is the best idea EVER!

Best of luck!!


Danielle Johns said...

YAY!! I'm sooo excited to get Pietr!!!