Thursday, August 5, 2010

Whatta Day! All's Fair...

Things are in a weird flux state around here right now. Some of you know a bit of what I mean, some of you know exactly what I mean and some are you are probably like: Who's this Shannon Delany chick and how did I land on her blog?


But today, between emails and phone calls and the general madness that surrounds this business (and that you, dear public, are generally insulated from) we went to the county fair. I convinced the husband we all needed wristbands for the rides (hey! I'm not that old to not ride the rides) and as he was buying them, the ticket seller noticed his 13 to Life: Live Life Fiercely button (you know, the glow-in-the-dark one). He asked about it.

My hubby (always prepared) produced a business card and said, "It's about my wife's book." He motioned to me.

I was then asked to sign my business card.

It made me giggle, but I did. Gladly.

He asked where he could find my book and my husband said, "Everywhere. Even Walmart will be carrying it."

We headed over to one of the rides and he chased us down and asked me to sign something else. He took my photo, too.

I seriously got a kick out of this.

We rode rides until I was began to seriously reconsider the statement I wrote previously about not being too old to ride rides. ;-) We got something to eat and drink, watched the sheep being shown by kids a bit too small to handle them without being mowed down, saw a pig race, said no to the pony rides (3 times), checked out the breeds of chickens and the 4-H displays and were buying zeppoles (so much easier to handle than funnel cakes--the things you learn at a county fair!) and avoiding the ever-expanding demolition derby line when the ticket seller found me again.

"There's a woman looking for you," he said. "She came to buy tickets and she had your book under her arm and I said: She's here! I just met her!"

The woman was evidently excited by the fact we shared a ticket seller and that I might still be on grounds. She said she'd keep a look out for me.

I decided that was a fine idea.

Did I find her to sign her book?

No. But I looked for her as we headed to the car.

And my hubby. What did he say? "See. I told him you could find your book everywhere."

He's so smart. ;-)


Cassay said...

That is a great story!!!! Too bad the women didn't find you.

Cassandra C

Sara McClung ♥ said...

What an awesome story!! =)

nymfaux said...

That's so cool!!!

Heather said...

What an amazing experience! I probably would have teared up! That is so cool. And your hubby, he is brilliant!

littletinkerbell1995 said...

grrrr! that guy is lucky!!its awsome though

Shannon Delany said...

Thanks gang! It was definitely one of those days that's hard to believe (and SO much giddy fun).

And yes, I'm blessed with a clever hubby. :D

Have an awesome weekend!

Lynsey Newton said...

Now I think we need to track down the woman who had your book - who IS she? Is she on the net? Somewhere, there will be a blog story about "How I almost met Shannon Delany". Hell, I'm googling it now ;)