Monday, September 6, 2010

The Horror! An Author's Schedule

My Schedule as It Currently Stands:

*I blame fellow YA author Jordan Deen for this posting because she showed what she has planned in advance of her second novel (Half Moon)'s release and I thought: I could do that! And now, seeing it (and seeing the gaps, I'm skeered). Thanks, Jordan. Thanks. ;p

  • Finish book 3 (Bargains and Betrayals) revisions.
  • Locate W-9, fill it out and send it back to a publisher who paid me to write a couple blogs. Yeah. Imagine that. ;-)
  • Hand-write my recipe for the Great YA Bake Sale. Legibly. Mail it and prizes to Christine Johnson.

Sept. 7:
  • Husband's back to teaching and dealing with loss of equipment due to thieves hitting his classroom and one other in his building.
  • Hopefully Greek translation for book 3 arrives so I can insert it. I call translator to have him read through the stuff so I can make sure transliteration makes sense.

Sept. 8:
  • Son starts 1st grade. I start taking Pepto-Bismal regularly. ;-)

Sept. 15:
  • Revisions on Bargains and Betrayals (book 3 in the 13 to Life series) are due back to my editor.

  • Several interviews are due for upcoming online events.

Sept. 15-20:
  • Online: The Great YA Bake Sale thanks to YA author Christine Johnson (CLAIRE DE LUNE) including Saundra Mitchell, Jordan Deen, Kimberley Derting, Cyn Balog, Jeri Smith-Ready, Jennifer Murgia, Judith Graves and many more! Win books, swag and hand-written recipes in this tasty contest! Most author blog posts will go live on the 15th, but if you hit Christine's now, she's already set. And so am I.

Sept. 18:
  • Ithaca Borders: Special Signing and event for local folks and families, full of authors and artists!

End of September through October:
  • Complete/polish NaNoWriMo 2009 and start book 4 in the 13 to Life Series.

  • Reschedule (bronchitis whooped me on this originally) with local NPR station to read 45 minutes of 13 to Life that will be split and aired throughout the season.

October 2:
  • Hunter, NY: Signing at 1pm at The Village Square Bookstore
October 7:
  • Should get copyedits back for Bargains and Betrayals. Probably will have 2 weeks to complete them.

October 17-31st:
  • Online: The Crossroads Tour with YA author Judith Graves, Jordan Deen and many others. Meet us at various blogs and through the Twitter hashtag #TheCrossroads
  • MY BIRTHDAY and the release of Jackie Morse Kessler's YA debut HUNGER both happen on October 18. I will buy her book that day. Somewhere.

  • NaNoWriMo. The big decision--what story to pursue? I have a long list of projects... Which feels ready and like a good idea to pursue now? Must ask agent for input probably at the end of September which means I need synopses for about a half-dozen books ready for him to look over and think about.

  • People watch during Black Friday with brother.

Late November:
  • Should see first pass pages for Bargains and Betrayals and have 2 weeks to complete them.

  • Should have ARC of book that wonderful author has asked me to read and consider blurbing.

  • Complete Book 4 in the 13 to Life Series. *twitch*

December 8:
  • Book signing in Wilkes Barre, PA Barnes and Noble (details still being worked out).

December 9:
  • Nanuet, NY: Booksigning with members of the Class of 2k10 and a few Tenners.

  • Promo for Secrets and Shadows (whatever that's going to be...)

February 15, 2011:
  • Secrets and Shadows releases nationwide! Brief tour. Must stay sane and in budget. O.o

March 2011:
  • Plant and prep the farm.
  • Shear sheep.
  • Lambing in full swing (probably starting in February!).
  • Writing? Ha!
  • Work on book 5 in the 13 to Life series.

  • Los Angeles, CA: RT BOOKlovers Convention

  • Vromans

May 14, 2011:

Then, of course, there's RWA and I really should look back into SCBWI... But most importantly I need to have time to write. I remember Orson Scott Card saying something along the lines of as much as he enjoyed conferences, conventions and events, he had to remember that the reason he could do those things was because he'd written books to sign or speak about at those events. So he stressed the priority for a writer is writing. I agree.

Take care!


ladystorm said...

aaah, your already getting ready to finish book three and I haven't had a chance to read book one yet..I best get busy...LOL

Sounds like your busy, but maybe its a good busy. :)

Saranna DeWylde said...

Wow, woman! You've got a full plate! How exciting! :)

Heather said...

Wow you are one busy lady! No time to slow down! Just know that your fans appreciate all your hard work and love you for it!

Lorielle said...

Wow! :) Was 13 to Life by any chance a NaNoWriMo project?

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

That's quite the schedule. At least you have a good idea of what needs to be done and when.

And a little suggestion for that small February tour...Boston. I'd be thrilled if you were able to make around the Boston area for a signing :D