Friday, September 17, 2010

One More Reason to Love the French

A little background for ya' all (in which I demonstrate that The French Connection is more than just a movie made before I was born).

My real surname appears to be Germanic at first glance (and my father's side of the family is quite firm on this point: that we are of German stock--though he also admits there's a lot *cough* more than German in our heritage). But, at one time, prior to 1767 (when my first ancestor on Dad's side arrived in Philly and became indentured due to a situation that involved alcohol and someone needing sailors--yep) there were two sides of the family: the Germans and *gasp* the French.

According to research done by my family, the French and the German sides (way before any conflict happened between them that's important enough to make it into American history books) fought. A lot. Their main goal, it seemed, was to destroy the relatively dumpy little fortresses (*cough* "castles" if you ask some family members) that were positioned just across the river from each other. The animosity (the cause of which is long forgotten--like the roots of most things people still fight about) continued for generations and traveled far beyond its original geographic borders and may be (we're not sure) the reason the family was officially banned from renting space for reunions at Hershey Park after a bit of a brawl broke out.



I had the pleasure of traveling to both Germany and France (and not meeting a single relative I know of). I actually took middle school students to Paris (if you think submitting a manuscript to an NYC publisher is scary, consider *that*). In both countries I found many wonderful people and amazing places (especially in France after we ditched our bilingual guide who spoke English and Italian--yep). Both countries get mentioned in the 13 to Life series.

And it's no surprise to werewolf fans that I'd love to spend time in southern France near Gevaudan. So it was a bit of a thrill today when my editor let me know...

(trumpets, please)

...we've sold foreign rights to France!

This means 13 to Life will not only be available in the US and Canada and the UK and Hungary and Brazil but also France. 13 to Life will probably wind up being translated into the official language of each country and probably with a totally different cover (which I'm VERY excited about).

So I think I need to do a bit of an internationally inspired werewolf celebration here on the blog around Halloween. Not only does Halloween play an important part in Secrets and Shadows but I love the different mythologies regarding werewolves that different countries and cultures have developed.

So. International werewolf party here in October. I'll figure out details soon. Tomorrow (after I get back from Ithaca) I'm finally finishing the judging for the Change is Good--Ask a Werewolf Contest.

Have a howlingly great weekend!


Lynsey Newton said...

International wolf party? Oh I'm definitely in for that one ;-)

Shannon Delany said...

Grrreat, Lynsey! ;-) It'll be fun!


nymfaux said...

Congrats on selling the foreign rights to France!!!! That's so awesome!!!!

and I'll totally be looking forward to the werewolf party!!!!

Hailey Conder said...

Wow congrats.
also, Your background is actually rather interesting. Or maybe I'm just a history nerd. o__o

a werewolf party! That's amazing. Must...celebrate..werewolves.

Cleverly Inked said...

COngrats that's amazing

Anonymous said...

Does 13 to Life have it's own poster? At the bookfair at my school, they were selling a poster that looked like it could be from the book.