Friday, October 1, 2010

It. Is. October. Help Me Celebrate!

It's October. This is a good thing. That means it's the month of my birthday. Yes. I have my own reasons for being excited about this, of course, but I have another purpose for bringing it up.

Guess how I want you to help me celebrate the month of my illustrious birth. Go on...guess. ;-)

Yes, by doing something for me (it *is* all about me, after all :P ).

This month I want you to go out of your way and do something nice for someone else a total of 18 times since my birthday hits on the 18th (I needed a number, gang--seriously--I'm not *quite* that self-involved--not quite ;-). It doesn't need to be 18 times for the same person. It doesn't need to be the same thing 18 times. Just be conscious about what you're doing and be a little kinder to people. Keep a tally. I'm betting most of you are the type who will have managed to do this within a really short amount of time. And most of you really don't need me asking or reminding you to be nice--it's sort of your default setting anyhow (which is one of the reasons I adore you).

Wanna take it one step further? If you list the 18 things you did that were nice in the comments here(you don't need to say for whom) and leave me your email addy (also in the comments here), the first 10 of you will be contacted and get a little swag pack relating to 13 to Life. The rest of you will get the pride of knowing you did something awesome for other people (and frankly that's better than any swag).

So help me celebrate all month long by doing something nice for someone else.

Thanks a bunch!
~Shannon (the troublesome birthday-ish girl)


Rachellev said...

Wow! This is new. Lol. Nice idea Shannon! And happy bday!

I hope this is international. But if it's not, it's okay. =)

Anyway, these are the kind things I've done so far.

1. I gave my seat to a lady in a bus. She had a 5 or 6 yr old son with her and they were both standing.
2. I gave our group's left-over reagents in the lab to someone from another section because they had no materials for the same experiment.
3. I volunteered to photocopy our handouts because the one in-charge for the photocopying of handouts was busy studying for his special exam.

These all happened yesterday, Saturday, in my time zone. This is actually fun! Lol. I'll do some more kind acts to more people!

Shannon Delany said...

Awesome, Rachellev! Yep, I'll gladly go international on shipping with this. You've got a great start on this--cool! And I'm especially glad it's fun for you--that's the way it should always be when you're doing good! Keep going! :)


salarsenッ said...

This is really a wonderful idea! Plan to participate. I'll be back!

Aeriell Choquette said...

Great idea! I'm already about halfway there and I'll be back. Happy Early birthday :)


Cleverly Inked said...

Happy Birthday!

I am working on it, I already do the good Karma thing everyday. I try my hardest to do something daily.

Today I am designing a website for a fellow blogger. I also helped a neighbor bring out their trash :)

Shannon Delany said...

Glad to see you all jumping in to do good stuff--I agree with the good karma thing being an awesome daily habit.

Thanks for the birthday wishes--with all of you thinking even more about being kind, it'll definitely be a good birthday for me (and great for lots of other folks, too)!


Rachellev said...

Aaaand I'm back for more kindness! Lol

Today, I went to the post office with a friend to get the batteries my sister sent from Australia. It was my first time there and I was shocked with how many homeless people lived on the streets of NIA road!

4. I was on the jeep when this kid hopped in and started asking the passengers for change. I was eating donuts and I gave them all -1 and 1/4 donuts- to him :)

5. And there's this girl carrying 3 big rectangular boxes to her car, I opened her car door for her :)

ana13kl at gmail dot com

Rachellev said...

I'm here again!! :)

Just got back from Mall of Asia to watch the firework display. But before that, my friends and I went to Baclaran church to pray.
There was a kid selling sampaguita flowers, there were 5 pieces of them left and we bought all of them even though we've already bought one before we entered the church :)

There was also a kid selling candles, and yes! We bought 21 of her candles, too. We lit them and placed them on the altar and prayed some more. It was kind of funny because the people were eyeing us suspiciously.

And after the display, before we left the plaza, we helped the kids collect plastic bottles.

ana13kl at gmail dot com

Aeriell Choquette said...

Happy early birthday! My husband’s and son’s birthday are this month too and a few others. I love helping others so this was easy for me. I Loved 13 To Life :)

1. I have been helping my mother avoid foreclosure on her house by typing up letters for her.
2. I have donated all of our family’s old winter coats to good will.
3. I helped a very nice older lady at the supermarket when she dropped her groceries because the bag broke. (I hate when they don't double bag heavy items.)
4. I bought a book for my friend because she really wanted it and had no money.
5. I helped one of my classmates to finish her paper that she had been having trouble with.
6. I gave up a parking space to a mother at Walmart.
7. Drove a friend of the family to her doctor’s appointment 45 minutes away.
8. I drive my husband's grandfather around because he cannot see as well anymore.
9. I made an apple pie for my dad because he works hard and deserved it.
10. I bought my mother a bracelet she couldn't afford just because she deserved it.
11. I helped an old friend pack and move into her first home.
12. I drove my friend Jenny to drop off and pick up her car when she needed it fixed.
13. I helped my neighbor when her mother had fallen down because she couldn't pick her up alone. (This was very sad. She was knocking on doors for almost half an hour before she came over to my house.)
14. I bought a hat and gloves for our mailman (I do this every year though)
15. I posted flyers for a woman who lives nearby that lost her cat.
16. I gave my son's old clothes to a younger couple I know so they would have a bigger size in a few months when they need them.
17. I let someone at the supermarket cut me in line because I had waayy more items than him.
18. Our family brought food to the new neighbors to welcome them into the neighborhood and see if we could help with anything.

Fall always inspires me. I will continue to go out of my way to help other people and I'm glad you asked others to help too. There aren't enough people who help out.

Aeriell Choquette

P.S. Happy Birthday Again. I hope you have a great day :)

Rachellev said...

I've already lost track of the number of my good deeds! Anyhow, here I am to add some more :)

It's finals week and today, I tutored Biopharmaceutics to 3 of my classmates who don't understand our lessons. They've already failed the subject twice so I made it a mission to make them pass the subject this sem :) <- does that count as 3? Lol

Mom asked me to buy Salbutamol nebules for grandma before I visit her in the hospital. But when I got there, they already have 3 boxes of nebules. I gave the ones I bought to the old woman who said her son needed it.

Lent money to my classmate who doesn't have enough money to pay for her tuition fee for Finals. It was a pretty large amount and that means I can't buy books this week o.o

ana13kl at gmail dot com