Sunday, November 21, 2010

MAX-imum Exposure Blog Tour

Okay, those of you following me on Facebook (or who are part of the Fan Page there) know the following things:
  1. Coffee keeps me alive.
  2. We appear to have found a real, live Pietr and Max to attend some signings for the upcoming books--and they aren't in their wolfskins, grrrls, they are quite human-looking.
  3. There's a blog tour (and other stuff) coming up.
  4. I talk to my sheep.
Today, let's focus on #3. The MAX-imum Exposure Blog Tour.

It's going to kick off prior to the release of SECRETS AND SHADOWS (which is February 15, 2011) and will include interviews with Pietr and/or Max. YES. (Seriously, who needs to hear more from me?) IF you are a blogger and want to participate, you need to email me at info [AT] shannondelany ((DOT)) com with MAX-imum Exposure in the heading. If you want to speed the interview process, email me saying who you'd like to interview and send two questions--either of which could be used to start the interview (this way I can hopefully choose questions that don't duplicate too much). Then we'll volley back and forth with questions and answers until you have 5 or 6 questions answered. You'll be able to post all that as part of the tour...

...but wait! There's more!

As long as the timing works out with the questions and (refer now to #2) you will also get an audio version of the interview to share on your site. And there will be some other things plugging into the tour as we get closer... So, if you want to join up, email me!


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