Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Note from Jessie Gillmansen of the 13 to Life Series

So, Jess isn't taking part directly in the upcoming MAX-imum Exposure Blog Tour (let's be frank, the girl gets plenty of time to speak her mind as narrator of the books). But she does have a little something she'd like to share--and who am I to stop a girl like Jess from speaking her mind?

I'm not Buffy and I'm not Bella. And it helps that my sometimes-boyfriend Pietr isn't a vampire. But he is a werewolf. A hot, Russian-American werewolf with more than a few enemies.

The CIA wants him (though I'm beginning to wonder if our government's seriously using taxpayers' money to finance werewolf hunts).

The Russian Mafia wants him.

My best friend Sarah wants him.

And now it seems there may be one more player in this crazy game. One more wildcard stacking the deck against us...

And I want Pietr, too, but for my own reasons.

Unfortunately, as wanted as Pietr is, he still has to figure out what he wants...

...and stay alive long enough to have a shot at getting it.

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