Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Secrets and Shadows Pre-order Places

It’s that time again. The second book in the 13 to Life series, SECRETS AND SHADOWS, is available nearly everywhere online for pre-order. Frankly I don’t know what pre-ordering does to my book’s sales numbers or how it affects “the lists” and (between you and me) I don’t particularly care. I just want you to read the book and hopefully (hopefully, HOPEFULLY) love it like mad. I’m a simple girl, really. ;)

So here’s the lowdown—the list of online places to pre-order Secrets and Shadows AND the current (like, at the very moment I’m typing this) price of it at that site. The differences are pretty interesting.

AND (me being me ;) I want to remind you that I absolutely support you shopping wisely and using your hard-earned dollars as a vote of support for a particular company. AND, and, AND--I still (and will probably always) support you buying my books (and everyone else's) from independent booksellers. I *love, love, LOVE* the spirit indies possess.

Borders (I love them, they are SUPER supportive of authors.) $9.99

Barnes and Noble (I have certain B&N stores I simply love like mad—I sign at those ones.) $8.99

Book Depository (These guys ship worldwide for free, so I see them as an easy choice for international readers.)

Amazon (If you know me and have followed me a while, you can probably guess why this list isn’t in alphabetical order.) $9.99

Books*A*Million (They were the first place to stock 13 to Life IRL—2 weeks before the release date—so they hold a special spot in my heart.) $9.54 or $8.58 for Club members.

Walmart (Yes, Walmart gets a bad reputation because of discounting and using books as loss leaders, but an order through them can mean a lot to an author’s print run numbers. And seriously, if you have a Walmart giftcard...Well, why not buy some books?) $8.49

Target (Another big store. :) $7.73

If you find any other spots--or are a bookseller who will be showcasing Secrets and Shadows in some small (or large) way, contact me and I'll send some love your direction. :)

Happy shopping!


Cait said...

Secrets and Shadows is up for pre-order on Indigo's website! $10.99 Canadian in-store, $10.00 Canadian online

Shannon Delany said...

Awesome, Cait! Thank you so much for sharing that. :)