Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sekrit Project and the Changeable Nature of Junction

Some of you may have seen me mentioning a "sekrit project" I've been working on with a very clever tech. Today you can check that out personally if you have a printer and a web-cam and jump over here.

That's right, we're talking about technology and book promotion (and if your eyes are tired as mine are already this morning just download the audio--yes, you can hear me now--and come back to that site to print out the PDF and try the bookmark).

I blame Anthony Mincarelli, of the very young and local company Digital Reality, for sparking my interest in Augmented Reality or AR. He did an amazing (and entertaining) presentation on AR at Triplecon 2010 which got me thinking. With Anthony's guidance and expertise we devised a fun bookmark that's much more than a bookmark if you activate it in front of a web-cam at a certain site in a well lit room.

You'll see how truly changeable things are in Junction... ;)

What you'll see is just one fun application of AR, but between now and the release of Bargains and Betrayals in August you'll be seeing more from us--it's too much fun for me to not let you play with.

So go check it out and while you're there, participate in the contest and experiment the site's hosting--it's going to be interesting! :)


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